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Youngjin Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961 as part of the First Economic Development Plan that contributed to the modernization of Korea. Now, our company has grown into a full-fledged enterprise that helps national development. Youngjin began with stevedoring at Incheon Port, but in the past 55 years, has expanded to a comprehensive distribution company of stevedoring, warehousing, and freighting.

Futher, Youngjin advanced into international market with its domestic technology, experience and credit. Now, Youngjin is recognized as a highly competent and reliable enterprise in international market with its successful performance providing stevedoring and ground support at Bahrain's harbors and airports.

I believe, the full support of our customers has enabled Youngjin to enjoy a favorable domestic and international reputation as a comprehensive distribution company.

Currently, we reward our customers’ expectations by constructing and operating the first privately financed wharf at Incheon South Port. Our service is based on customer-oriented management and efficient port operations.

All of our executives and employees will make Youngjin grow into the preferred world-class distribution enterprise of the 21st century.

Lee, Kang Shin