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Central for national development, a Port has been more stressed in its importance as a advance base connecting land and sea. Especially, Incheon Port, a gateway to Seoul Metropolitan Area is rapidly rising as a hub of distribution in Northeast Asia. At this time, our Youngjin Enterprise has made continuous efforts to provide the best stevedoring and distribution service.

The company enabled more goods to be handled by constructing a private financed wharf for the first time in Incheon South Port in 1996 to overcome the limit of Incheon Port floodgate system and extending the quay in 2003-May 2004 to solve an increasing amount of goods in Incheon Port.

Also, as an outer port not limited in time of arrival and departure through its floodgate, Youngjin Enterprise’s South Port quay is so free for arrival and departure at any time around the clock as to be able to handle goods quickly. The quay does its utmost to prevent and search out terrorists, smugglers and stowaways recently in the news, and provide more safe service by abiding by the ISPS Code (International Code for Security of Ships and Port facilities) which took effect as of July 1, 2004. Especially visited by the USCG from July 19 to 30, 2004, it was evaluated to observe the ISPS Code, thus showing off its fame as an international port internally and internationally.

Now the South Port contributes to the distribution cost reduction and competitiveness of customers by providing them with the quicker, more comfortable and safer one-stop service of quality. Our executives and employees will try our best so that customers can always enjoy the best service.
Berth Status
Stevedoring Wharf
Sea Sand Dock
Wharf Length
170M(Docking till 200m possible)
Sea Depth
Wharf Hinterland
Neighoring Hinterland
Dockable Motion
10,000 tons
Person in charge of business
Business in Charge
Duty Employee in charge E-mail Phone Fax
Person in charge of business
Managing Director
Park Kwang Seo
Person in charge of material lumber
General Manager
Nam Sang Hyo
Person in charge of sundries
Kim Soon Rok
Person in charge of sundries
Choi Nam Yul
Person in charge of field
Business in Charge
Employee in charge
General duty for
South Port
General Manager
Seo Won Seok
Person in charge of bond and work
Deputy Manager
Kim Nak Hyun
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