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As the center of the North East Asia and gateway to the capital area, Incheon port handles 80% of exporting secondhand cars of the whole country. We, Youngjin Enterpriese.co.,ltd. , set up Forwarding team to handle Secondhand cars in 2012. We perform a role of main forwarder of a shipping company which have car carrier(RO/RO) and, with years of experience in port loading, we provide one stop service of transportation, storage and loading of exporting secondhand cars to contribute to customers competitiveness. In 2016, we started trade business of secondhand cars and we’re exporting cars to Middle Eastern countries. And we achieved more than 5 million dollars of export and were awarded prize for exporting by Korea International trade association in 2018 We, Youngjin Enterpriese.co.,ltd., will do our best to contribute to increase the volume of exporting secondhand cars and contribute to competitiveness and cost efficency of customers . Our business division built a new cold storage warehouse in 2005 and has been dealing with cold storage goods(Kimchi, Side dishes, agricultural product, fishery product). We're providing service aimed at providing the fastest inbound/outbound service among warehouses in Incheon port area.
From 2016, We started trading business(Importing Kimchi, dried fishes. etc) as a new business area, and we are providing one-stop-service from importing, custom clearance to last mile delivery.
Yearly Sales Performance Progress [ Unit: $ ]
1,557,986 3,620,435 4,482,896 1,265,385
Person in charge of business
Business in Charge
Employee in charge
Sales Supervision
General Manager
Nam Sang Hyo
Kim Chan Hee
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