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We began container stevedoring with GOLDEN BRIDGE, a car-ferry navigating between Korea and China, in October 1992. Now, we perform a business of stevedoring and transportation for 160,000 TEU of containers by regular car ferry liners between Incheon-Weihai, Incheon-Qingdao, Incheon-Lianyun annually, which number is 42% of total volume of car-ferry liners in Incheon port area. As we have No.1 share volume of container transportation among Incheon car-ferry liners, we can call ourselves specialized at car-ferry stevedoring.
With long experience and professional know-how in this fields of job, we are giving satisfaction to customers providing services such as thorough inspection, and quick, precise and safe work, especially fast and accurate loading/unloading service of In/Outbound containers.
We'll do our best to hear what customers say and to give better service.
Yearly Work Performance Progress
SIZE 2019 2018 2017 2016
TEU Standard
45 64 178 160
33,927 33,322 31,886 29,454
138,298 121,310 105,200 98,158
172,270 154,696 137,264 127,772
(Lianyun ferry is applied from July, 2018)
Executive in charge
Employee in charge
Managing Director
Chang Sei Hun
Person in charge of business
Business in Charge Duty Employee in charge E-mail Phone Fax
CY supervision General Manager Kim Hak Jeong hjkim@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1340 +82-32-761-4239
CY managing Manager Jung Jin Ho jhjung@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1347
YoungJin wharf No.1(Weihai) +82-32-890-1388
Weihai Empty Assistant Manager Sim Hyun Rim hrshim@yjent.co.kr +82-10-2580-9716
Chief Lee Hye Mi hmlee@yjent.co.kr +82-10-2580-9716
Export Assistant Manager Lee Kyung Hee khlee@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1343
Employee Yun Seo Hui shyun@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1342
Import Employee Kim Sun Sik sskim@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1346
Employee Jeon Nam Gyu nkjeon@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1344
Youngjin wharf No.4(Lianyun) +82-32-890-1389 +82-32-764-5090
Lianyun Export
Assistant Manager Kim Jeong Mi jmkim@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1393
Employee Yun Dae won dwyun@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1391
Employee Kim Ji Yeon jykim@yjent.co.kr +82-32-890-1392
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